How To Find Shoes When You Have Wide Feet

Finding comfortable shoes when your feet are wider than the average might not be always an easy task. The shoes you can find in the stores are usually fit for feet of standard dimensions, and some models are just more comfortable for people with narrower feet. As much as we would like to say that any model in the world can be adapted to fit your exact size, shoes that you find in regular stores are generally going to disappoint you. Continue reading to learn how to find shoes when you have wide feet.

Finding Shoes For Wide Feet

1.) Don’t Buy a Shoe That Doesn’t Fit you from the Start

When buying new shoes, it’s important to either try them on or know your measurements really well before buying them. If your new shoes feel tight, don’t wear them in the hope that they’ll loosen up. Even if that happens, it’s at the price of a lot of strain put on your feet, which leads to more problems.

2.) Get Your Feet Measured Professionally

As online shopping has become a new standard in today’s world, trying shoes on is not so easy anymore. Before buying online, check out the store’s return policy and have your measurements taken professionally to order something that fits you properly.

3.) Look for Brands You Know You Get Along with

If you find a perfect pair of shoes that really fits your wide feet comfortably and looks great, remember the brand or designer. They might have several other models that will fit you just as well.

4.) Avoid High Heels

High heels aren’t healthy for your feet, no matter how wide the heel is. The pressure caused by a bent foot can cause deformities in the front part of your foot, leading to even wider feet. Keep this in mind when shopping for women’s shoes.

5.) Choose Laced Shoes Over Slip-ons or Shoes with Straps

Laced shoes are much easier to adjust than slip-ons or strapped shoes. As a rule, go with shoes that have adjustable elements, whether they are straps, buckles, elastic bands, laces, or velcro straps. The more freedom you have to adjust them comfortably, the safer your foot will be.

6.) Take Your Shoes to a Shoe Repair Store

In some cases, a shoe repairman can stretch your shoes in the right spots to make them fit properly. But this is only possible with certain types of shoes and it might not be worth the hassle. As a last resort, this solution does work.

Find the Right Pair of Shoes for Wide Feet

Maybe finding the right shoes when your feet are slightly wider is difficult sometimes, but it doesn’t mean you will always wear shoes you don’t really like. Fortunately, there are plenty of models designed for people with your foot type and companies that know there are many kinds of body structures in real life.

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